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Add sound & motion to your brand : Making brand touch points more touching

Recall, repeat, recognition, retention. Brands are striving to achieve their nirvana by making meaningful connections with customers at every touch point. Most rely on old faithful’s like a clear and consistent colour palette, cracking imagery and on brand tone of voice to do the heavy lifting and present the content or experience in the best way possible.

But with our ever increasing digital existences, it’s surprising that still all too few are setting out how to use music, logo animations, environmental sounds, voice and the like. Music and sound affect us emotionally, cognitively, and physiologically. So surely it’s worth the investment to make that deeper and richer connection with the people that matter?

Sonic branding goes beyond audio equivalent of visual logos, jingles and soundtracks. It’s about managing the ecosystem of sonic elements a brand has at its disposal, which increase daily as technology makes us all more connected. These sonic elements can make experiences more intuitive, navigable and aware of a brand’s presence. There are often dozens of sonic touch points that rarely align, so surely a good sonic strategy should be a core aspect of any brand development and guidelines?

But it doesn’t stop there. Kinetic (movement) and haptic (touch) branding offer further complimentary and increasingly interesting dimensions to the experience, completing the holy trinity of a fully-rounded-fit-for-digital brand.

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