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Jakob Nielsen announces Logica intranet as world leading

The Nielsen Norman Group has announced the world’s top 10 intranets, highlighting The Team’s and Logica’s work as world leading. The prestigious award, chosen by Jakob Nielsen and Kara Pernice, showcases the best intranets from around the world, focusing on design and usability. The Team has worked on Logica’s intranet since 2009, concentrating on engaging all Logica’s 41,000 employees worldwide.


The work was chosen from a competitive number of nominations and will feature in the report ‘Intranet Design Annual 2012: The Year’s 10 Best Intranets’. Jakob Nielsen, web usability expert and co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group, chose Logica’s intranet after reviewing its design and understanding the challenges faced during production.

The solution was an inspired intranet, taking into account varying locations, languages and culture, with one unified global structure, all of which successfully motivated content generators across 40 countries. The project was produced on SharePoint 2010 and made full use of its broad range of collaboration, social and mobile tools.

Logica’s Intranet Programme Manager commented that, ‘“We needed a partner who could translate ideas and concepts into user interface designs that met brand, engagement and usability objectives. The Team worked with us as part of our intranet programme, bringing fresh, independent ideas to the design process. It was good to have our ideas and plans challenged –with their support we were able to be bolder in our thinking and make changes we’d never have dared to do previously”.

For more information about the Jakob Nielsen award please contact us. If you would like to order your copy of the Intranet Design Annual 2012 and to find out more about the other winners then go towww.nngroup.com/reports/intranet/.

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