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Spread the love: employers’ recipes for a great place to work

How do you see your employer this Valentine’s Day? Will you be sending a secret card? Do you want to whisper, “I quite fancy you”, or are you in the rare position of wanting to shout “Work! I bloody love you!”


This is a short blog post dedicated to all those loving employers. You know, the ones that go the extra mile to show employees how much they care.

It’s about companies like clockwork whose people just love to work there, perhaps because there is endless holiday on offer and beer on tap.

It’s about companies like Zoetis, where CEO Juan Ramo?n Alaix has vowed not to send or respond to anything but an emergency email message from Friday night through to Sunday night, and expects all managers to follow his lead.

It’s about companies like Yammer where they encourage employees to ‘work out loud’ sharing all the work they are doing for clients and internal customers so that there’s transparency and what McKinsey would refer to as intellectual honesty.

It’s about companies like Chef where, as Julian Dunn points out, employees are trusted with information , sensitive information because their employer knows they will behave like adults.

It’s about partnerships like Rogers Stirk Harbour who bring a moral dimension to their work which takes the form of, among other initiatives, a staff profit-sharing scheme where every member of the team has a share and yet no one team member owns a share in the practice – it’s a Charitable Trust.

And, it’s about people like Gemma Rigby who can’t help saying that they love their place of work.

Great benefits; respect towards one another’s personal lives; a culture of honesty, openness and trust; fairly shared rewards and a positive attitude to life. I can’t think of a better set of ingredients for love.


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