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“I am continuously learning invaluable skills“

From the elegance and grace of the Venetian Renaissance, through to the complete rejection of the gallery space with Land Art, and the revolutionary designs of the Case Study Houses in 1960s LA, I covered a huge range of art and design throughout my three years as an Art History student at the University of Nottingham. However branding and digital design were virtually non-existent entities until half way into my final year when I was fortunately made aware of this industry, The Team and the job of an Accounts Manager.


University or in fact no one, ever made me aware of this type of work or how much it perpetually affects everything we see around us. It sounds naïve but whenever I mention to my friends that I am interning at a Brand Design Consultancy or a Design Communications agency, they ask me to repeat what I am saying and explain what it entails. It is easy to forget that almost everything around us has been meticulously thought through and designed for a particular purpose.

University life is infamous for not preparing you for working life. I had just six, yes six, contact hours a week at university, and a nine o’clock lecture felt like the devil’s curse. The design industry is helpfully unforgiving in this sense and as a result it has been easier to make the transition into a full on, fast-paced and exciting environment.

The Team is the second agency that I have interned at, and is entirely different from the previous one. I had been warned that a lot of what I have learnt before will no longer be relevant! However what has remained consistent is the kindness and generosity of everyone I have worked with. I am writing this during my eighth week here, and due to the wonderful people at The Team, I am continuously learning invaluable skills that may hopefully help me in my pursuit of a career in this buzzing and challenging industry.

Endless free time, late nights out and leaving all work until the last minute are all but distant memories now, and I am all the better for it.

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