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Hello, my name is… – Design internships at The Team

Come in we are open sign

The Team’s Internship Programme opened its doors in March 2011 and is open to all aspiring designers who are looking for a challenge. We run two internship programmes – one in our digital team and one in branding.

We’re always keen to meet new people who are full of ideas, eager to get stuck in and have a passion for design. So here are a few tips and hints we’ve put together to help graduates to get ahead and stand out from the crowd (we hope they help):

Where to start

When looking for your first design job it can be difficult to know where to start. Some glance over Top 100 lists, some call up previous summer placements, some cold-call from Google searches and some apply to recruitment agencies or job boards. The key first step is to think carefully about what it is you want to do and it’s good to ask some basic questions, such as:

  • What area of design interests me? (Branding/advertising/digital/packaging, etc.) Think about the kind of work you want to do and target a suitable agency, because if you’re not interested in packaging there’s no point in applying to packaging agencies.
  • What size company do I want to work at? (small/large)
  • Is the agency a good fit for me?
  • What work inspires /excites me?

First impressions

Making a good first impression is important. You can do some very simple things that can help your application stand out. It doesn’t take much to ring up an agency to find out the name of who to address your application to. We’ve had applications not only addressed to the wrong people but with other agency names too, which just shows lazy research and a lack of enthusiasm for the agency.

­The CV

It sounds obvious, but your CV is a great opportunity to sell yourself and your design skills. A simple yet typographic CV will make a good first impression. The bad CVs that we see are not only poorly written and full of spelling mistakes, but also written in Word with no design consideration at all.

The Folio

When designing your folio, think about showing the journey from one project to another. Ordering your work chronologically may not be the best way to show it, instead think about the story you want to tell around each project. My tutors always told me to pick my three strongest projects and allow these to form a strong start, a solid middle and finish on a high.


But the number one thing The Team looks for is ideas – after all, we are an ideas agency. And if you’re an intern with us you’re treated like a junior designer. So while other agencies may stick you on a scanner for four weeks, at The Team it’s “roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.”

You might be given a project of your own or you might become part of a team, so you need to be able to put things together confidently, not be afraid to ask questions, and be able to shout out ideas in brainstorms.

To recap, here are our top tips when applying for an internship:

  • Do your research – think about what kind of agency you want to work at (small/large, packaging/digital/branding).
  • Consider your CV as a design brief – it’s the first impression you make.
  • Label your work ­– attachments sometimes get detached from their original emails, so make sure your folio has your name on it.
  • Contact details – don’t forget to put your mobile number on your website or CV. After all, how else can we find out more about you?

So if you’re a graduate or second year undergraduate and you’re interested in applying for an internship at The Team – or if you simply want to know a little bit more – then email us with your folio and CV.

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