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Content cut-through: 5 simple steps to get your content to stand out

Well-crafted and intelligently deployed content helps get your brand firmly into the hands of your prospects and customers. How well does your current content stack up against our simple check list?

1. Be relevant

Does your content tap into audience passion and pain points? Deep understanding of what drives your prospects and customers will help frame content topics to work as hard as possible to reach them

2. Be bold

Can your audiences easily find you? They’ll often search using a phrase or series of words. Make sure this mix of words and phrases are identified as part of your keyword strategy to make you discoverable.

3. Be clear

Is your content clearly labelled? Your content – and especially moving image – must be labelled, using words and phrases identified in your keyword strategy. Make sure it’s clear and compelling, to encourage the right people to take notice. Use stats, questions and bold statements – and don’t forget a strong call to action too.

4. Be direct

Does your content get to the point? Chunk down long content into bite-size servings, focused around topics. Cut the servings in different ways, test different headings and ways to tell the story for greater coverage and quicker learning.

5. Be dynamic

Does your content have cut-through? Moving image or film has shown to increase engagement with content – up to five times compared to static content according to Hubspot. But keep it short – two minutes max.

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