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Digital experiences will increasingly define brands and we had an event to prove it

Having been around the digital block and back again I’ve seen everything finally become ‘digital’. Anyone who can do digital can usually do anything digital related, or at least that’s what they tell clients. However, no one can really do everything- instead they should focus on playing to their strengths.

Warner Brothers logo on an iphone

And that’s why many digital agencies have been gobbled up and/or merged with ad agencies or direct agencies – because their strengths don’t go beyond ‘digital’. Some have just realised their level in the pond and become darned good, but increasingly commoditised, production agencies. Digital truly polarises between the cream of the crop and the cheap and cheerful. Both have their place, but there’s no middle ground.

I started working with The Team just a few months ago. Apart from having the culinary delights of Borough Market on my doorstep there was one thing that brought me to The Team and that’s their digital experience design team, and the great portfolio of work with which to tell, and sell, their story.

The Team has some 30 years’ experience creating and communicating brands, that’s what we do. We’ve designed album covers for The Beatles, rebranded the Met Police, created interactive mirrors for John Lewis and helped reconnect BP staff with the employer brand post the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

In the way that brand work has to address branding, proposition and tone of voice, increasingly it needs to consider customer experience in order to gain presence and play a role in their customer’s life, without just barging in (as brands have done for decades). In a rapidly growing digital world, experience is often packaged up and delivered in digital – through a corporate, product or service website, which of course needs to be responsive to enable the same level of experience across the multitude of mobile platforms their customers undoubtedly use.

As part of “Team Talk” we decided to run an event to showcase some interesting perspectives in digital experience design. Not only did our timings perfectly align with Internet Week Europe 2013 but two external expert speakers from the field of digital experience design fell into our laps.

I met Alex Packham at a conference recently and he’s one of the most engaging and passionate young people I’ve met for a while. Before graduating from University he’d started two digital consultancies and was raring to go.

He told me about Now TV, a Sky startup that offers Pay As You Go access to their wide range of programming – a fascinating, agile and very digital business. As the head of social media, his job is to ensure that social functionality is considered and designed into every customer touch point. In this way Now TV significantly reduces cost and time providing customer support by empowering and rewarding customers for helping each other. Call it social service 2.0.

Then I reconnected with an old friend who’d been running cleverTV just down the river at Tower Bridge for the last decade or so. They’re in the business of building/running fantasy football gaming and in-game prediction for clients as diverse as national newspapers, UEFA Champions League and Microsoft.

He told me about the rise in significance of the second screen – a growing concept in digital experience design, where the trend is that audiences are consuming content using multiple devices simultaneously such as their smartphone or tablet to complement their viewing of a first screen. For cleverTV this first screen might be watching sport on TV or in a football stadium, but it can also be applied to entertainment, game shows and a wide range of TV programming as well as internal staff television or employee engagement conferences.

So we’re also delighted to have Oliver Roland-Jones, Head of Product Development at cleverTV as our second speaker to talk about second screen considerations in digital experience design.

This seminar style event with networking drinks and nibbles on 12 November 2014 will be held at The Team’s London office in Bankside starting at 6:00pm. It promises to be an insightful event for those who want to know more about digital trends as well as those who are on top of their digital game. We would highly recommend the event to anyone considering digital experience design to grow their brand or business communications, to both external and internal audiences.


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