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Digital Design Internship – Completed!

A truly rewarding, immersive and diverse internship programme!

I’ve reached the end of the summer, the late nights and definitive university studio panics are quickly becoming a distant memory. Five years of design education concludes and I say goodbye to being a student once and for all.

Now for the more daunting question: what next?

It was only towards the very end of my industrial design degree that I fully embraced the potential of digital design and, moreover, the process of user experience. While working on a conceptual healthcare product that required a digital interface, I had no choice but to immerse myself in the process of designing for a digital application. I was instantly hooked and I very quickly realised that this is what I wanted to pursue as a career.

Fortunately, the course has given me the opportunity to practise and refine a multitude of transferable skills, both practical and theoretical. I was itching for some real-world design agency experience in the User Experience/ User Interface industry.

I was made aware of The Team and the internship programme after browsing The Drum 100 Digital Census. After formulating a focused portfolio, I applied for the digital design role and was offered a two-month internship.

Small, insignificant and trivial design tasks? I think not!

As I entered the agency for my first day, the atmosphere in the studio was one of tremendous dynamism, creativity, and enjoyment. The vigorous activity was inspiring and after an introduction to everyone I instantly felt welcomed and at ease. Within a few hours I was briefed by the digital team and by the afternoon I was working on a real live project, I was thrilled to have obtained such responsibility so soon as an intern.

Throughout my time here I have had the opportunity to work on a plethora of different design tasks across the spectrum of the design process: from initial insights to final delivery. As a result, this has a been a truly rewarding experience. For an individual with an eagerness to learn and build a foundation of knowledge, The Team have been ardent and enthusiastic in their approach to better my understanding of digital design, and for this I am very grateful.

The biggest project I worked on while interning was the redesign of a responsive website for the charity, the Mona Foundation. This was a fantastic brief to work on as I had input and insight throughout the entire process.

The Initial focus was to define the information architecture and wireframes, where I had the opportunity to dramatically develop my prototyping skills. After much refinement and deliberation, the wireframe was then progressed to incorporate the brilliant new design identity.

Designing the site was both incredibly informative and enjoyable, working alongside the digital design team I ascertained an understanding of process, technical capability and what is expected to deliver a responsive website. Furthermore, having the chance to be involved with the client was fantastic for my confidence as a junior designer and gave real awareness of how to communicate with clarity.

I was concerned that I would struggle to come into digital design from an industrial design background. The process of design and the skills used on the whole are transferable nonetheless, it was still a leap. Fortunately, the internship at The Team has only confirmed my passion for the subject and further fuelled a desire to work in the industry.

I have learned an enormous amount over the past few months and have had a truly brilliant time in the process. This is solely down to all the awesome people that make up this great agency!





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