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Design Graduate? Join us for our ‘Workout’ Portfolio Review & Q&A

On the 15th July The Team will be hosting our annual workout event for recent design graduates. Every year we open up our studio, talk frankly about our work and the design industry and offer a professional critique of your portfolio so that you feel prepared to go out and find those important first internships and Junior design roles.

We see this day as an opportunity to share our knowledge, passion for design and 30 years of experience as a creative studio.

Not sure if this is the right opportunity for you? Jon Quinnell our Junior Designer answers a few questions about how he found the practice before joining The Team in 2014.

Did you find workout useful?

I had a couple of interviews before Workout where I got to see inside studios, but this was the first time I had come across an agency which was showing graduates as much as the grads where showing them. It really was an ‘open day’ into agency life and insight into how the design industry works on live projects.

What type of projects did you show?

The obvious thought is to try to find projects you’ve made which you think matches and suits the work the agency you are visiting produces. Which in some way is true, I think its important to show that you have curated your folio and presentation for them on the day, but I think above all, you should present projects which you truly believe in or are proudest of as this genuine passion will naturally aid your presentation and communication.

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How many projects did you show?

I think I must have shown about three projects in total. A lot of my projects were fairly substantial which took a while to explain. Its pretty amazing how quickly half an hour can fly by in a situation like that.

How did you present?

I had my portfolio printed rather than showing it online. That was just my personal preference. I don’t really know why, but it was how I felt happiest and I believed that format suited a lot of my work.

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What should recent grads expect?

Looking back, I think its fair to say I was either rather naïve or just didn’t know what to expect when finishing. At Uni I think we were given this false hope that there are so many opportunities out there, everyone will get snapped up and we’ll all be happy ever after. When in reality you really have to work hard to put yourself out there, say yes to every opportunity that comes your way, and be determined to keep going with every knock or set-back you experience.

I’ve found through the experience of myself and my friends that it will all work out in the end. There are the opportunities out there, if you look for them, put the effort in and have a bit of luck on your side you’ll be fine!

The Team’s graduate program has been running for over 5 years, helping over 50 young designers learn valuable industry knowledge and gain vital real world experience.

If you’d like to join us for Summer Workout please send your portfolio and CV to us at: designintern@theteam.co.uk



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