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Delivering ideas (and Plasticine) to clients and the community

We’re always coming up with fun and innovative ways to work with our clients on employee engagement, so our somewhat madcap use of Plasticine as a way to present a communications strategy to a new client comes as no surprise.


But we were left scratching our heads when it came to the hundred or so pots we were left with once our work on the campaign was complete. Then it came to us – let’s donate the pots to local primary schools in a bid to drive creativity amongst children.

The two schools we gave the Plasticine to were Surrey Square Primary School and Robert Browning Primary School, both in Southwark.

They’ve since written to us to let us know how our donation was used. One distributed it amongst their 3 – 5 year olds and used it to make plants and flowers in an attempt to encourage Spring to come, and the used it for children with special educational needs to assist with developing muscle tone.

In PR circles, ideas like this would be called corporate social responsibility (CSR), but to us it’s just another day in the office (we also supported a homeless project at Christmas). After all, we’re an ideas agency, and when we’re done delivering to our clients, we see who else we can help.

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