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Approaching the uncertainty of change with bravery

With Brexit hot on the agenda, we can’t help thinking as a nation that we need to be braced with fear for the unknown.  The unknown impact of Brexit on business, the unknown impact of Brexit on individuals and their families, the unknown impact of Brexit on our global reputation.

But what if we reversed our mindsets to face the uncertainty of change with bravery?

  • A bravery to look to change with optimism.
  • A bravery to seek new opportunities.
  • A bravery to really challenge yourself and your business in a new light, understanding the benefits of change, not just the risks.

I know switching mindsets can be hard and daunting. But it’s a necessity in a world that is ever changing, and a brave mindset will keep people and organisations progressive.

Having recently returned from maternity leave, the uncertainty of change was very apparent in my world and it was my 14-month-old little girl who gave me the inspiration to be brave. Every new scenario she encountered, she would look with endless optimism. It was the inherent bravery of her actions that inspired me to push away the overwhelming apprehension of uncertainty, and instead focus down, understanding and believing that change can be for the better. Better for me. Better for people. Better for business.

Within the last three months, bravery has enabled me to take a fresh perspective on operations, challenging the status quo, using insight from talking to others to identify and define new initiatives. Initiatives that could help us to deliver for our clients in a better way, to encourage empowerment and ownership of our people to be even more brilliant and streamline our operations. The challenge now is to implement the change, bringing people on the journey, encouraging them to act and realising that some will take a new direction for the future. But that’s natural. It’s progress. It’s transformation.

We can’t predict times ahead of us, but we all have the power to take control and act to inspire positive change. But it’s a choice and sometimes you need a helping hand.

Don’t be afraid to reach out. There’s inspiration everywhere (big and small) and at The Team, through brand design, we have helped businesses with the greatest of challenges to confront change in the right way, supporting them through every step of the process.

We love to embrace uncertainty. We love to be brave. We love to be challenging. And we love to work hand in hand with our clients to design change for the better.

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