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Putting Employees First: A New Blend of Hybrid Working

All employer brands are about to shift massively. Employees are watching for how the value proposition for them will take into account a blend of workspaces and workplaces. Many have seen a different way of working, where outcomes matter more than the 9-5, and where flexibility can be built into the system. Our Director Cliff Ettridge, explores eight things that any internal communications or change and transformation plan should focus on as brands ready their workforces.
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Empty Office Space

Beyond the Pandemic in 2021 – What does the research tell us?

Earlier this year, our friends at Aermid, completed a piece of research around our experiences of working from home. This was informed by a series of qualitative interviews that were conducted in January 2021. With approximately 50% of the workforce working at home during the height of the pandemic does that mean that working from home will be banished to the history books in the not-too-distant future? Their global survey suggests not.
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TSB Case Study
TSB Case Study: Listen to your People

In 2018, in the wake of one of the biggest crises to hit TSB, The Team were asked to work with the bank to listen to their employee (partners) about the ways in which the bank could improve the experience for customers and colleagues alike. Read more >

Natwest Workspaces Case Study
Workplace transformation case study

With the lifting of restrictions drawing closer, returning to the office in some shape or form is also on the horizon. Now more than ever, creating a work environment where people love to live and work is essential. A few years ago, we worked with RBS (now NatWest Group) and LOM Architects on a project to create an innovative new co-working space which redefined the relationship between work and play. Read the case study >

Natwest Carbon Calculator
The cost of working from home 

For some employees, the cost of working at home is also prohibitive. The cost of working from home was something which drove NatWest Group to ask The Team to help it launch a Carbon Calculator so that their colleagues could see what they could do to both reduce their carbon footprint, reducing energy usage, heating and the use of technology and crucially, reducing their costs. Read the case study >