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Refreshed brand helps global charity tell stories more effectively


Award-winning brand & communications agency.
We give brands purpose and bring it to life, inside and out.


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NS&I Case study


A refreshed brand created to encourage 80% of NS&I's customers to save and invest through digital channels

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Believe in future talent – The Team intern programme

Unlike many university courses, when you graduate with a degree in Graphic Design or Communication, you rarely get the opportunity to get a job off the bat. Internships are a crucial part of developing your skills, helping you to find your place in the industry, explore what sort of agency is right for you and it is how most of us get a foot in the door. We strongly believe in supporting future talent and making sure design graduates have the best possible chance to leap into the creative industry. We’ve been running our design internship programme for over five […]

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What makes Client Services work for clients?

Client Services. Our name does us no favours. Who wants to be ‘serviced’? It sounds like an added benefit or something that’s just nice to have, rather than an essential component of a […]

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Olympic Sponsors & Zika theteam.co.uk/thinking/5-wee… #branding #opinion #blog

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Design Graduate? Join us for our ‘Workout’ Portfolio Review & Q&A

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It’s resignation time. The impact of no succession plan and the role of communications in fixing that