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NS&I Case study


A refreshed brand created to encourage 80% of NS&I's customers to save and invest through digital channels

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The Team and Royal Mail pay tribute to ‘the few’

Commemorating ‘the few’ and their bravery in the Battle of Britain was the challenge facing The Team in its first Royal Mail stamp commission. The set of six stamps, released on 16 July 2015, marks the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. They offer a vivid picture of RAF life between July and October 1940. The black and white visuals feature the Queen’s head in RAF blue, creating a visual contrast without distracting from the images of the heroic Spitfire and Hurricane. But The Team’s detailed research found that it took more than ‘the few’ up in the skies […]

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This isn’t just any wall, this is an M&S wall

The branch manager of my local Marks and Spencer store, back in my childhood hometown of Cheltenham, recently approached me with a request to design and install a wall graphic for backstage […]

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How Can Businesses Use Snapchat? #INFOGRAPHIC bit.ly/1JRs6Bk @pic.twitter.com/8k40TnnCtF @socialmedia2day